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1.2 metre Anthracite Wall series Kitchen Cabinet

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Kitchenette New Zealand

'Your 60 minute kitchen'

Compact Kitchens for Small Spaces

Over 20 different models 
Appliances are included
Kitchen cabinets delivered pre-wired and plumbed
Fully or partially assembled 
Dispatched nationwide 3-6 weeks from order date

Designed and Made in New Zealand

New Zealand Made

At Kitchenette NZ, our kitchen cabinets are proudly designed and manufactured in NZ.

Environmental Choice

Kitchenette NZ develops all products with sustainability in mind. Our kitchenettes are manufactured using materials sourced from certified Environmental Choice suppliers across New Zealand.

Certified Environmental Choice

Our certified environmental choice suppliers: Bestwood, Prime Panels, Daiken, Southland Ltd, New Zealand Panels Ltd.

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Different models designed to fit varying needs

Each of our kichenette widths can be supplied as a countertop, a wall mounted or hideaway model. The wall mounted and hideaway models offer a rangehood and additional storage above the counter. On the hideaway model, which is ideal for use in shared spaces, doors enclose the bench and upper storage. There are a variety of different, preconfigured appliance combinations in each. You will be sure to find a model that fits in the space you have available and has the functions that you need. Whether you are a landlord replacing an existing kitchenette, a business adding facilities, or you are building a commercial project we have the kitchenette for you.

Appliances are included 

When you order from Kitchenette NZ, all the appliances in the model you select are included and come with new manufacturers’ warranties. Dependent on the model you choose, cooktops, rangehoods, fridge, dishwashers and microwave or combination ovens have been pre-installed by us to ensure a perfect fit and then repacked in their original packaging to avoid damage during transport.


Models are delivered pre-wired and plumbed, saving time & cost on installation

Our unique powerboard is a standard feature in all kitchenettes. The necessary electrical circuits and power outlets are pre-installed for you and come together at a single junction box for your registered electrician to connect to your switchboard. All models come with 2 power outlets above the bench for your kettle, toaster or coffee machine. The mixer tap, sink, overflow, waste pipe and P Trap have been installed. The tap has been pre-fitted and removed for transport. If your kitchenette includes a dishwasher, a connection for the discharge is provided. On site electricity, water and waste water connections need to be completed by authorised professionals.


Fully or partially assembled, you could be cooking in less than 90 minutes

Some of our kitchenettes can be delivered fully assembled depending on the size and access to its final location. The larger units will come partially assembled (5-7 pieces) and should take no longer than an hour to re-assemble on site. The appliances have been pre-installed by us to ensure a perfect fit and then repacked in their original packaging to avoid damage during transport. Assembly pack includes instructions, No.2 Square drive, Screwdriver and bit.


We have experience sending complex and expensive shop displays and glass showcases around the country without transport damage. We will get your kitchenette to its final location anywhere in New Zealand.

Nationwide delivery

About Kitchenette NZ

We set ourselves the task of designing fully functional kitchenettes that look great, can fit in small spaces and are super easy to install. We can supply them in a wide range of colours and finishes.
Our standard widths are 1.2, 1.8 and 2.4 metres with a choice of three styles, Counter, Wall and Hideaway. Our range is designed inclusive of all appliances. For each, there are a number of pre-configured appliance combinations for you to choose from. Kitchenette NZ’s range of branded appliances are locally sourced and come with a full manufacturer’s warranty.
Our kitchenettes are manufactured in NZ and can be supplied with a lead time of no more than 3-6 weeks from order. They come pre-assembled, wired and plumbed.
If you are a landlord, who wants to install or upgrade the kitchen facilities in apartments or units, a home owner thinking about fitting out a granny flat or AirBnb, you are sure to find a kitchenette in our range that fits. So, get out your measuring tape and have a look at the kitchenette range below to see how we can solve your problem.

White Kitchen Cabinet, 1.8 metres
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